May 27, 1998

5/27/98 Harpers Ferry, WV

0 miles (998.5 total)

Got up way too early to catch the 7am commuter train to Washington DC. Andrew, the hostel manager, said it would take us about 30 minutes to walk to the train depot. Should have been more like 45 minutes because we got there just as it was leaving. Ghandi, Smiley, Samson, Piper and I were off for a day to see the sights, but Toolman and Longstride didn’t make it to the station in time.

The train took about 90 minutes with several stops along the way. After a quick breakfast at McDonald’s at Grand Central Station, we split into separate groups to play tourist. I went through the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in about an hour. Seemed every kid in DC was on a field trip. I forgot that I don’t like doing the tourist thing - too much to see, too many people, too much walking, not enough time. Went over to the almost empty African Art Museum.

Met up with a few of the guys to go to the Washington Monument. Took the elevator to the top (they don’t let you take the stairs anymore), while a very bored forest ranger gave us his monologue on the monument. Couldn’t get a good look at the White House because a huge tent was out on the lawn for a garden party.

Took the train into DC for a day of sightseeing

The weather all day was cloudy and sprinkled from time to time. Headed over to the Vietnam Memorial before heading to the National Museum of Art. Much to my continued disappointment with this trip to DC, ¼ of the museum was closed, including most of the 18th-19th century collection, due to construction. I was glad when we met up to head back to the station. Just like this morning though, we had to run to catch our train.

Back at the hostel, we listened to Toolman’s lament about missing the train and said hello to Veto who’d arrived today. Again, we stayed up way too late, drinking beer and telling stories. But I did decide to try my bag cover.