May 26, 1998

5/26/98 Harpers Ferry, WV

12.4 miles (998.5 total)

Got a late start out of the hostel, but too early to use the solar-heated shower. Getting to think we might be seeing those Pennsylvania rocks a little early. More rocks today but who cares, we’re off to Harper’s Ferry. We ran into Tucker just before we crossed the Shenandoah River. She’s southbounding a section after getting off the trail for a job interview (she didn’t get the job).

Meeting up with Tucker

Once we got to the West Virginia side of the river, we took a detour to the post office. The ATC office is a short distance from the post office but we stopped at "King’s Pizzeria" first for one of the largest pizzas I’d ever seen. Smiley assures me that it was pretty close to NY style.

Crossing the Shenandoah River

At the ATC, I became the 55th thru-hiker to make it to Harper’s Ferry this year. Keisha, a very beautiful new employee at ATC, had everyone in a stupor. We’ve been out on the trail too long. Unfortunately for us, the ATH was another two to three miles from the ATC. So we gathered up our packs and boxes and headed out down the C&O Canal towpath, then up a long road walk to the hostel.

No one was there, so like most thruhikers, we made ourselves at home. Decided to tent out back to save some money, and because it wasn’t supposed to rain. The only other person in the hostel was Ben, from Britain, going to school in Canada, headed for a summer job in Minnesota, in Harper’s Ferry to see the sights. Most of us had a late night with many beers.

Messenger, Ghandi, DB, Smiley, Ben & Longstride chow down