May 18, 1998

5/18/98 Pinefield Hut

13.1 miles (869.6 total)

Carl showed up later. He’s out for a week and a regular to these local trails. Had some good stories. Had a few more deer walk into the shelter area. They just didn’t seem too concerned that we were there. We got an early start so we could beat some of the heat. The first seven miles were a breeze - some of our fastest mileage yet. But the rest of the Shenandoah's looks a little more difficult. The problem is the shelters are either too close or too far apart.

Wild flowers lining the trail in Virginia

Stopped for the afternoon at the Loft Mountain wayside snack shop for some "expensive" junk food but more important to get out of the heat and bugs. Watching the tourists has been entertaining but depressing - so many overweight people. 3pm and I need to get going - on the the next shelter.

With a good view of the Shenandoah valley

After a couple of hours rest, the afternoon hike was a joy. The humidity had gone down, there was a breeze and an added bonus if you were in the shade. Definitely the way to hike in the heat. The shelter was totally in the shade, surrounded on 2 sides by streams. Ghandi, who opted not to stop at the wayside, decided to move on to the next shelter.

Caught with the privy door open!

It’s been great hiking with Piper. I worked on "Ode to Joy" and later we played a duet. My next assignment is to sound out "Amazing Grace". As it got dark, we had numerous deer visit, just like last night’s shelter. But one unwelcome visitor was a whooperwill. Piper did some throwing rocks in its general direction in an attempt to shut it up.