May 16, 1998

5/16/98 Calf Mountain Shelter

6.9 miles (843.5 total)

6am, and I was out and on my way to Weasies. Last night a bunch of us went to the movies (Deep Impact ). As soon as we walked in they asked where we were from. We couldn’t understand how they knew we were hikers. After the movies, I crashed, while most everyone stayed up for a few beers.

Spent most of the day mailing packages and getting food. Almost didn’t make it to the post office - had to run half way from the Y. Lucky for me, Tucker’s parents were here and gave me a lift back for my pack and to UPS. Met up with Veto and headed for lunch at Weasies. Found Billygoat and Lone Bear already there. Veto was able to smooze a ride for us all to the outfitter. They helped me with my new Dana. Hitching took only seconds, believe it or not, a mother with a minivan.

Soap Box Derby time in Waynesboro

Stopped for a quick break at Howard Johnson’s. I had to drag Veto to the trail, she was having thoughts of staying another night.

No sooner had we got on the trail, when we found Ghandi, there resting, dead center in the trail. We stopped at the ranger station to get our permits. The trail was not too bad, especially since I have my poles back. Kind of a hot hike to the shelter. Got here to find it mostly packed. Moondaddie was there, along with Lone Bear, Samson, Bird, Owl and 2 weekenders. Piper, Ghandi, Veto, and Smiley came last. But its evening now and a thunderstorm is raging outside. Probably will do a 13 miler tomorrow.

Ghandi had a habit of taking his breaks "on" the trail