May 15, 1998

5/15/98 Waynesboro, VA

0 miles (836.6 total)

Woke up early to head off to "Weasies" for all-you-can-eat pancakes. I wasn’t even going to try and beat the record of 22. Billygoat decided not to leave today, especially with Veto, Ghandi and Smiley coming to town. So we decided to use his pack anyway to get a hitch to the outfitters. Within minutes, Jordan, a section hiker, took us to Rockfish Gap Outfitters and told us he’d wait and take us back to the Y. Again, the kindness of strangers to out of their way to help is sometimes overwhelming.

Got back to the Y, just as the "slackers" arrived. While everyone had errands to do, we all decided to see a movie tonight. Got my new pack from Backwoods but no owners manual to set up the suspension system. When I called Keith long distance, he didn’t understand my irritation. I did get my Leki poles but at a cost of $28 from the Mount Rogers Outfitters. And to top it off, they repaired it with used parts - seems like a scam to me since Leki authorized the repair.

All in all, I got 5 packages. The postal workers were curious how I’d carry it all the way to the Y. I managed but just barely. Tried to find a good place to write in the journal without much luck. Lots of walking later, I stopped by "Haney’s" for a milkshake - mmmmm good. And who should show up but Veto and Moondaddie. Seems he arrived at Rusty’s today and hitched into town to get his replacement pack. But it wasn’t here - that makes 4 different maildrop locations. He’s got the Virginia Blues big time. Says he might skip this section completely.