April 29, 1998

4/29/98 Pearisburg, VA

0 miles (615.2 total)

Last night was a gastronomic even of the century. First, Chunky, made a vegetarian beans-rice-vegetable burritos. Then ‘chef’ Samson made eggplant parmesan that just melted in your mouth. Some of the best food I’d had anywhere, anytime. Then Chunky brought out homemade apple pie and ice cream. I was so stuffed, thought I was going to get sick.

Lynx, Chunky, Samson, Ghandi, and DB pig out

Didn’t really sleep well last night. The 20 degree bag is like a sauna and I sweat all night. Need to call Campmor today and get a summer sleeping bag. Plus my shoes/socks are shot but I might have to wait till Waynesboro to change them. Plus I need to call Dana Designs about the numbness in my fingers. Hopefully I can last till Waynesboro to get something different.

Going to break the hospice rules and stay a 3rd night - still waiting for Ol’Crawdad to show up with my poles. If he come’s in today, I’ll be off early tomorrow. While I enjoy the time off in town, the trail seems to be more contentful.

Well, this is the end of two months on the trail In summary, the trip has been different than I expected but so much better I can’t begin to put a value on the things I’ve done, places I’ve seen, or the great people I’ve met. It was sad saying good bye to a few today while I wait for my poles. Veto, Ghandi, Samson & Delilah, Smiley, Mountain Man, Longstride, Ol’Crawdad, Mighty Wind, Naked Dog, Blazzing Bunnions, tAToo, and Brother’s Johnson (just to name a few) are part of my "family" - I miss them like brothers and sisters - share in their happiness and their pain. We’ve all endured something special that will bind us forever.

On to Troutville......