April 2, 1998

4/2/98 Hot Springs, NC

0 miles (270.5 total)

Well, another day in Hot Springs. Hung out at Biscuit’s diner with the gang who were leaving today. By the looks of things, they’re not going to get far. Hopefully I can catch them in a few days, or at least by Damascus. The whole crew at the hostel checked out this morning, while I moved my stuff down to Sunnybrook Inn (and their famous vegetarian dinner TONIGHT!). Carl showed me around the place, he’s a ’97 southbounder who’s come back to work at the inn. While I’m really looking forward to dinner, I can really feel the pull toward the trail. Town life seems almost decadent.

Brother Angus, Main Squeeze, Jim & his dog,
Ol'Crawdad, Veto, Mountain Man, Naked Dog,
Biscuits, DB, Mighty Wind & Spirit