April 28, 1998

4/28/98 Pearisburg, VA

0 miles (615.2 total)

The hostel is a converted barn in the back of the church. It has a covered pavilion and looks on to wild brush-land on all sides. It has a shower, bathroom, kitchen and a loft for nine hikers. Below is a reading room with the wood stove. Bill, the caretaker, is a kind-of-a-grumpy old guy but really friendly. He says the church has been running the hospice since 1977 but the current pastor is just not a hiker person. Bill has been working hard to fix the outside up because it’s to be sold in a year or two. I would hope they keep it open for hikers.

The Holy Family Hostel was the only hostel
run by a catholic church along the trail

It was a converted barn

Spent most of the day doing town chores like laundry, mail and groceries. Chris, the assistant manager at Pizza Hut, gave us a hiker discount on the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Just don’t know what he was thinking. We had about 10 of us and we put a big dent in stock. The funny thing about mail is not getting much. The cards and letters get fewer and fewer, the longer I’m away from home. Pat (Give Me Chocolate) has been the best, with a post card in every mail drop.