April 26, 1998

4/26/98 Dismal Creek Falls

17.6 miles (592.8 total)

The trail wasn’t bad, made good time to Jenny Knob Shelter. Had a hot lunch of ramen’s. Decided that I’ll take a mid-morning/mid-afternoon break and practice the penny whistle. Plus I’m getting my Spanish phrase book. Things are going to be different now.

The day proceeded to get warmer as we descended toward Kumberling Creek. The hard ground was beginning to take its toll on my feet. The suspension bridge across the creek was nice. Got to the road and headed for Trent’s Grocery. I spent way too much money. Walked in, bought a Gaterade, then a Three Muskateers, then a Klondike ice cream bar. Then to go, I bought a big bag of Dorito’s, a big box of Oreo’s and a 16 oz. Budweiser. I was a funny sight walking down the trail with a bag of chips in my hand (so they wouldn’t be crushed).

Wonderful hiker bridge

By the time we reached the Dismal Falls Trail, I was dead tired. Lucky for us the approach trail was pretty level, if a little long. The falls were great. You could tell the place was a big hangout - especially since the road was so close. We set up camp after a few local teenagers finally left. That Budweiser tasted so good for dinner. We all sat munching on all the stuff we bought at Trent’s. It was Samson, Veto, Smiley and me. But we weren’t surprised when Ghandi strolled in at dusk. Shortly thereafter, Longstride arrived. He told a great story about coming across Ghandi earlier. All he saw was Ghandi’s legs right on the trial. He literally had to step over him to continue walking.

Longstride is 6'6" standing next to Dismal Falls