April 24, 1998

4/24/98 Davis Farm Campsite

16.2 miles (558.1 total)

Long Stride made a late arrival. Veto, Godspeed and Layers got taken in by a farmer during the storms. Long Stride told me Ol’Crawdad is probably two days behind - I really want my poles! A good thing it didn’t rain because the shelter was full and Long Stride slept out by the picnic table.

I could follow this beauty for hundreds of miles

Today was a day with views. After an incredibly long climb up to Chestnut Ridge, we could really see how the terrain is changing. The valley to our right was wide and extended as far as the eye could see in either direction. The ridge was too windy to hang out. But the views from the shelter were great. You could tell it was windy up here because the roof was attached with cables, to keep it from flying away.

Longstride takes shelter from the winds

The valley below was an american classic painting. The valley down below is called Burke’s Garden, which is a large natural geological depression known as "God’s Thumbprint." The whole valley is surrounded by ridgeline. As we walked along the ridge we had great views after great views. We ended up camping at the Davis Farm campsite about halfway down the ridge. We just kept taking pictures - it was so cool!

God's Thumbprint is a circular depression in the mountains
There are only 2 roads into the valley

We now have a crowd. Smiley, Samson and I are tenting while Ghandi, Veto, Layers and Godspeed are just going to do it without tents tonight. Tomorrow I head into Bland for food, I’m out of breakfast and snack stuff. Plus a nice dinner would be OK. They also have a Dairy Queen.

Chunky on one of the many lookouts