April 22, 1998

4/22/98 Davis Path Shelter

14.4 miles (530.6 total)

Woke up to the patter of rain on the roof. Everyone was anxious to get going because of the lure of Atkins, VA. It sprinkled from time to time, but generally was cold and overcast all morning. The last 4-miles from Chatfield Shelter was pretty nice with a gradual down across the valley. We arrived at I-81 about 1 PM and headed straight for the Village Restaurant for some lunch. Smiley, Samson and I have voted this the best food on the trail so far. So here I sit working on my journal waiting for Smiley and Samson to get back from picking up their mail drop. Also waiting for Ol’Crawdad to catch me so I can get my poles back - I miss my poles! Plus I need to call mom. She’s going for tests today and on my phone call from Troutdale I was pretty self-absorbed. Will stay a while so I can get hold of her after the tests and she’s home.

A restored school house with boys and girls privy's out back

The hike up Davis Path Shelter went way too quick, we even passed up water because we thought we had a ways to go. Guess who was here - Biz from Blue Mountain Shelter near Helen, GA. Still has the beagle and husky. tAToo and Blazing Bunions are here too. They’re taking 8 days to get to Pearisburg because tAToo is having tendinitis problems. He’s hoping low mileage will help. Plus gave some wound care advice on Blazing Bunions ankle.