April 20, 1998

4/20/98 Iron Mountain

15.9 miles (496.3 total)

Samson and Smiley sure don’t believe in getting up early, especially when it’s cold. By time we got up and out of the shelter, it was already 10 AM. The hike started out windy and foggy but the sun was definitely out. The terrain was sort of rocky rangeland. Came across a wild pony and her two colts. The white one came very close out of curiosity. The hardest part about hiking today was putting on yesterdays cold-wet socks, boots and clothes. But why get more stuff wet!

Another morning putting on frozen boots and wet clothes,
but the views of the Grayson Highlands were worth it

Saw several feral ponies that roam the park

Met up with Mountain Man at Wise Shelter where we put everything out to dry. Most of the trail was dry except in only a few places. Old Orchard Shelter only made it a 10.9 mile day so we pushed on another couple of miles to tent. Hopefully I can get into Troutdale, take care of my mail and catch these guys at the end of the day. And if I’m lucky, Ol’Crawdad will have my ‘new’ poles.