April 18, 1998

4/18/98 Trailside Pond

11.7 miles (464.1 total)

Confined spaces inside a highly flammable synthetic tent with other flammable objects like sleeping bags is not always a good place for open flame of candles. Enough said.

Got a late start today and only forgot to do a couple of things. Had lunch in Damascus before I hit the trail (was going to have the vegetarian pita but they were all out of pita). Once on the trail it only rained a little bit. The one big bummer of the day came when I was climbing around this huge blowdown. I slipped and snapped one of my poles in half. The rest of the day had me realize how much I use both poles. Came across a few young boy scouts just out for the weekend. Took Paul’s and Nelson’s picture over one of the trail bridges.

I don’t know why they call it Laurel Creek, looks and sounds like a river to me. Huge rapids the whole way. Stopped at the first shelter but decided to try for the pond a few miles away. Ran into Samson and Chunky. She went on to the shelter but Samson and I decided on the pond campsite. Delilah is such a well behaved dog. But I noticed her limping after we set up camp so we’re a little worried about her. Soon Smiley showed up and decided to camp with us.