April 17, 1998

4/17/98 Damascus, VA

0 miles (452.4 total)

Last night was a big mistake - go out for a few beers with some locals. Ended up driving Shari’s car back because she got into a drinking contest with Ol’Crawdad. She didn’t have a chance. Ended up driving in a rainy thunderstorm over 45 minutes away from Damascus. Got back to "The Place" after 2 AM. Grabbed my sleeping bag and slept on the couch in the living-room.

The Methodist Church in Damascus operates "The Place"
one of the best hostels on the trail

Today was mainly a wasted day, not really accomplishing anything. Decided against sending the thermarest home. Bought some camp shorts. Need a new water bottle holder.

Too many new people today - "The Place" is bursting at the seams with hikers and cyclists. I’m not sure everyone even has a bed. Two nights in town is just too much. But it was nice to see everyone. A few errands tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be on the trail before noon. I’m looking forward to Virginia - just would like the rain to let up just a bit.