April 16, 1998

4/16/98 Damascus, VA

9.9 miles (452.4 total)

Damascus, "the friendliest town on the Appalachian Trail" was on my mind early this morning. I was up, packed and ready to go before sunrise. It was a great orange ball coming up over the mountains. I hit the trail by 7 AM but I was still the fourth hiker to leave camp. Made great time, passing Junebug and Mike.

Looking down on Damascus was similar to coming into Hot Springs. But the town is closer together and feels more like a small town should. Saw EWOS just minutes into town and he gave me directions to "The Place." Once there, I saw all my old friends: Veto, Samson, Ol’Crawdad, Mountain Man and most of the new guys I met at Kincora. Took a shower, stopped by the local outfitter and now eating at Quincy’s.

'Creeper Trail' into Damascus