April 13, 1998

4/13/98 Kincorra Hiker's Hostel

0 miles (401.9 total)

Decided to take a day off after that 20-miler. Besides you can’t beat the hospitality here at the Kincora. The place was a beehive of activity this morning because of so many both slackpacking and checking out headed for Damascus. EWOS took off trying to make more time before Sandi joins him again on the trail. Spent part of the morning washing dishes the others had left behind.

Bob was a great host

Later, Ol’Crawdad, Bob and I rode up to the outfitter in Johnson City, about a 45-minute drive, so Ol’Crawdad could buy a titanium pot and try on some boots. And Bob talked our ears off the whole time (we didn’t mind). When we got back, the three of us headed down to help one of Bob’s elderly neighbors plant one of his potato fields. When we got there, his neighbor and two of his buddies, all three of them in their 70’s, had over half of the field planted. Seems they didn’t really need our help. So we talked farming and they showed us how the potato’s are planted and then covered up.

The only other hiker to show up today was Mike, an Englishman from Germany doing a three-week section hike. We all went out for a home-style cooking restaurant this evening. The hostel is a little more subdued than last night. Seems Bob encourages a 10-mile southbound slackpack because of a difficult gorge crossing and several stream to ford. But I’m going to keep hiking north, with pack. Ghandi never did stop here, and that’s after talking me into the 20-miler. So I might catch up to him, and maybe I’ll see Veto and Mountain Man before Damascus.