March 31, 1998

3/31/98 Deer Park Mountain Shelter

11.4 miles (267.3 total)

Have finally identified the flower. Sat down today and studied it, according to Wingfoot "sweet white violet."

That's the AT symbol

Didn’t sleep well last night. Make a note to all future thru-hikers: use a 40-degree bag with a liner instead of a 20-degree bag. I was just too hot. I ended up putting on my fleece long underwear and sleeping on top of the bag. It probably doesn’t help that I had sunburned arms. Other than that, had a peaceful night at Roaring Fork Shelter, but a bunch of us were tenting.

Bluegrass and EWOS taking a break

Today was a short 11.4 miles. Decided to stop at the shelter a few miles before Hot Springs. That way I can go early tomorrow and have a full day in town. So right now, thunder clouds are brewing while Steve, Ghandi and EWOS (and I) sit here writing in our journals and addressing postcards for mailing tomorrow.