March 29, 1998

3/29/98 Groundhog Creek Shelter

10.6 miles (244.7 total)

I just can’t believe this weather! Today has to be in the 80’s and just three days ago we were in snow.

Last night, true to form, Ol’Crawdad strolled in about 8:00 PM, in the pitch black of night. How he can see in the dark is amazing. Later that night, Ghandi was the latest victim to the stomach flu. After seeing Steve sick on the trail, he decided it was everyone who played in the card game at Ice Water Springs Shelter.

Leaving the snow behind but streams a plenty

We were all up pretty early to head for Mountain Mama’s Kuntry Store. It was just what you’d picture for a family-run store and diner in the backwoods of Tennessee. The place was full of thru-hikers, in addition to those of us from the last shelter. We saw Pufferbelly & Granny, and one of the Soulmates. Later, before we left, Backpacking Fool and Samson showed up to wait for their dogs.

Mountain Moma's Kuntry Store & Bunkhouse
They had family photo's lining the walls of the store

The climb back up has been harder because of the heat. But at 12:30, I was rewarded with a very cold, cold spring-fed stream. Earlier, we had our second river crossing since starting - first the Nantahala and now the Pigeon River. So right now it’s EWOS, Veto and I taking a great lunch break.