March 28, 1998

3/28/98 Davenport Gap Shelter

14.9 miles (234.1 total)

Yesterday was the first time I had memories of Kenya. It was the warm, moist earth. Although today started out quite windy, you could tell it was going to be warm. The first few miles were more of the snow, slush and snow-melt. But after that, the trail improved greatly, meaning dry! We stopped in Cosby Knob Shelter for a water break. A couple of trail maintainers were just finishing some repairs and gave us most of their snacks and lunch. The shelter was real nice. After that we had a long climb up to Mount Cammerer. There was an old stone fire tower and we just sat there in the sun and ate lunch.

Mighty Wind and DB

Basking in the sunlight. Ahhhh...

Finally, after all the climbing in the Smokies, we had a five mile hike down, down, and down. Tonight’s shelter is 3300’ lower than last nights. On a bright note, Mountain Man is at the shelter tonight. He hurt his knee a few days ago and has been taking it easy. While cooking ATami showed up with goodies. He’s a physical therapist I know from the ATML. Tomorrow, we’ll stop in at Mountain Mama’s for breakfast.