March 22, 1998

3/22/98 Mollies Ridge Shelter

12.0 miles (174.2 total)

Mountain Man talked me into staying another night, plus it rained/snowed all day here at the lower elevations. Hopefully the weather will improve today.

We discussed how the trail seems more relaxed than the town visits. I took one day off but it feels like I’ve been here a week. You just seem rushed with laundry, getting supplies, keeping up with journal and writing home. After breakfast, we’ll probably hit the trail.

Heading into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The higher we went, the deeper the snow...

Both Mountain Man and I are worried about Ghost. He keeps skipping sections because he’s sick. Complains of constant nose bleeds, doesn’t eat much and has already lost 15 pounds (and he started out thin already). He’s going to take another day off here. I wish he’d see a doctor (he’s only talked to his over the phone.)

...until we were really slogging through it