March 19, 1998

3/19/98 Brown Fork Gap Shelter

16.2 miles (150.5 total)

After such a bad weather day, today was warm sunshine day, spring has sprung. The woods started to come alive. I saw crickets, caterpillars, butterflies, etc. I might have even got a little sunburn. But I also want to rename today "stupid-human-tricks" day.

Appalachian Trail

I decided that I would try and put in a 16-mile day, something I haven’t done. That way I can get my mail before the post office at Fontana Dam closes on Saturday. What I didn’t figure in was all the climbing I would have to do. Especially a near vertical climb at the end. At one point, I was so tired, I just wanted to lay down and consign my body to mother-nature.

Appalachian Trail

All four of us made it, Funk 29, Jeff, Camel and I, all the way from NOC. Mighty Wind is taking his time because he’s going home for a few days after he gets to Fontana Dam. Mountain Man probably did the same thing by dividing the mileage into two and a half days. Hopefully, I’ll see him before going into the Smokies.

The NOC was such a nice place, even had breakfast before I left this morning. Last night, we all just sat around the table in the community room talking. Hopefully, I’ll see everyone again after Hot Springs or Damascus.

We always seemed to be walking above everything