March 15, 1998

3/15/98 Big Spring Shelter

10.2 miles (97.9 total)

What a glorious day, praise the AT Goddess! The day started sunny and just got better and better. Right now, I’m sitting next to a spring-fed stream on a moss-covered bank sitting in the sun. I’d guess the temperature has hit 70 degrees at least. I’m down to my shorts and t-shirt.

The 'green tunnel' of the AT in North Carolina

Most of the day was just rolling terrain until I started climbing Albert Mountain. At one point the trail is literally built upon the roots of trees as they cling to the shear cliff wall. Not for the faint of heart. I wish I could have gotten a picture but I was too afraid to let go of anything so I could pull out my camera. It is by far one of the scariest sections of the trail I’ve been on. I wouldn’t have wanted to hike it in bad weather! I thought I was doing well until I spotted the fire tower high above me because that’s the top of Albert. The last quarter mile is almost vertical. I was using my hands and feet to climb up. The shelter was empty but I did find a nice cold coke sitting in the spring. I thought it was trash at first. Plus some trail angel left flour tortillas and rice in the shelter. But there is no trail register. Next town I’m getting one so I can place it in the next shelter that doesn’t have one.