March 12, 1998

3/12/98 Plumorchard Gap Shelter

4.3 miles (71.1 total)

Everyone getting ready to leave

Well, I’m pissed! Did a short five miles today, very sunny but very, very cold. Tonight is supposed to be close to zero. Got ready to cook dinner and discovered, no spoon. Such a low-tech item but so vital. So now I have to back track to Deep Gap tomorrow, and hopefully I can get a spoon at the Blueberry Patch. I’ll probably end up here again tomorrow night. Shit! To add to all that, there was this spectacular waterfall that crossed the trail, also covering it with ice. Yes, I fell and hit my left shoulder and head on the ice. Lucky I didn’t hit a rock and split my head open. So tonight, I share the shelter with Rosco. Maybe I’ll see Nut, Disco, April Moon and John.