March 11, 1998

3/11/98 Hiawassee, GA

3.5 miles (66.8 total)

Man was it cold this morning, about 10-degrees. The water filters were frozen, frost on everything. My leather gloves were too cold. We broke camp to head to Dicks Creek Gap. Even though it was very cold, the sun was blazing. At the gap, I said goodbye and started to walk the 3½ miles to the Blueberry Patch in Hiawassee. After a mile, Sam from the Holiday Inn, picked me up, along with two other hikers in the van. Arrived at the hostel about lunch time. Went into town with a few other hikers in Gary’s borrowed van. Got back did laundry, ate pizza and caught up in my journal writing. Was really hoping Nut and Disco would make it tonight. Rosco (Swamp Fox) did make it. Helped Gary with some wiring and turned him on to tofu jerky.

Sitting around the table at the Blueberry Patch, an organic farm that has set up a hiker hostel. What a place! Gary and Lennie run a Taj Mahal of hostels. It has a bunkhouse, kitchen, wood stove, organic pizza that’s out of this world. They do just about everything for you.