August 8, 1987

8/8/87 Matindoni

back in Matindoni

Morning didn’t look promising at all. A rainy haze covered the horizon in all directions. As soon as we got under way the crew put up a tarp for us to stay under. It kept us dryer and out of most of the wind but dry we weren’t. But the crew had it worse. They stood out in the rain the entire seven hour trip. Poor Ali Sha forgot his poncho. But he still kept his sense of humor and smile, even while he shivered.

Their passengers did our best to keep occupied, playing word games and the like. Slowly, we all became drenched to the bone and shriveled like prunes. It was great how Jogo kept clowning for us the whole trip. As we neared Matindoni, the crew’s spirits showed even more improvement. The weather was breaking, at least the rain was stopping. And I know they were anxious to get some dry clothes, warm food and to see their families. A lot of their children came out to help us unload the dhows.

The trip had taken a lot out of us. We were fed again at Baba Bousi’s and headed back to the shamba for an early night.