August 3, 1987

8/3/87 Kiwaiyu Island

Ibex take flight from an old air field

The soccer players on Kiwaiyu are a lot better than on the other islands. I’ve been playing goalie, not because I love the position or that I’m good at it, but because I get too worked and agitated out on the field. Bo is our best player. He plays soccer, lacrosse and wrestling at Amherst. All the crew, Mbugua and Duritu are good. Some of the group have some skill but no team work. Most of the other team and our crew play in bare feet. And it doesn’t seem to hinder them at all.

Our second game was pretty bad. It poured for about five minutes at the very beginning of the game. The first goal came when they stole a soft pass back to me. The second two goals were kicked in by my own players. Even so we have the best record of any NOLS group to come to the coast since they started coming here.

Seven kilometers of white beach

The people seem real friendly. Our camping area was prepared for us, a choo (outhouse) put in and a large shade tree was propped up to provide a huge awning. They even have plans to add more shade trees. The only thing I don’t like about the place is not much fresh water. We can’t wash anything except in salt water. Your skin and clothes have a sticky feeling because of the salt. And I gave up long ago to keep sand out of my things. Impossible!

All our tents, cook fire and dining area, all under a living canopy.

On our dives, Dave is the expert marine biologist. He showed us a sea cucumber that looks like a rock. Last night I pointed the binoculars at the half moon. You could see some nice craters on the edge. I let Mbugua try the binoculars out and he was astonished. I told him that the craters were made by meteors hitting the surface. And that for us to see them, they had to be hundreds of miles across. He had never seen the craters before.