August 1, 1987

8/1/87 Kiwaiyu Island

Last night after we had a crab dinner, a bunch of us slept out on the beach. It was great until it started to rain. We got an early start this morning. As before, the dhow ride was great, even a little exciting. We hit some choppy waves when we reached a spot where the channel opened out to the Indian Ocean.

A small dhow sailing by Kiwaiyu Island

The dhows just made the tide because the channel is very shallow in places. I couldn’t have imagined a better place. Looking down from camp as the group and crew unloaded the dhows, it almost had a 'Robinson Crusoe' feel to it.

Unloading the dhows for our camp on Kiwaiyu

The sun is intense but the water is nice and cool, especially the ocean side. Before dinner, I took one of the sailboards out. I didn’t forget much of my lessons but I simply don’t have any sailing sense. After a while, I gave up and paddled back to shore.

Dinner was the usual rice and vegetables plus an added treat of fried sea bass. Evening entertainment included a bunch of attempts at limbo. Abdula was the best but the crew pestered you until everyone tried it. I really want to get to know the crews better. I’m going to try and teach a class to the group on Islam. And I might get a chance to teach a math class at the local school.