August 12, 1987

8/12/87 Mombassa

on the 'night train' to Nairobi

Today was a quick bus ride to Mombassa. The whole day I kept thinking that tomorrow, I’ll be saying good bye to all my friends.

We took in a quick tour of Fort Jesus. But the museum in Lamu was much better than this one. We just stopped at a hotel sidewalk cafe to have a few beers and maybe something to eat.

Fort Jesus in Mombassa

A funny thing happened. A Kenyan woman in her twenties was walking sort of crazy down the street stark naked. It was obvious she was not of sound mind. We asked Mbugua about it and he said it was unusual but not rare. And unless she was destroying something, the police wouldn’t even look at her.

Mombassa skyline

At the train station, I said my good byes to Omari Bob. On the return trip to Nairobi on the night train, we were booked in a modern car. Very nice, slept four instead of six, and lots of shinny gadgets. I was very up for the trip but unfortunately not everyone else was. Most people crashed early. I splurged and got bedding for the night from the coachman. I must admit it was one of the best nights of sleep I’ve had here in Kenya.

Giant tusks made for the queen's visit