July 9, 1987

7/9/87 Masai Mara

campsite near Keekorrok

Last night we had a couple of hyenas and a lion stroll through camp. Today we headed out for lunch at the Mara Serena Lodge, a posh resort overlooking the savanna. This was where the Europeans definitely went, Germans, French, and English. From camp, we could see small planes arrive and depart the lodge almost hourly. Lunch was a choice of liver or ox-tail.

Maria, Katy, Marshall and Harvard
enjoy the hospitality of the Mara Serena Lodge.

Before leaving, we had a little stick-ball game using a tennis ball we bought in Nakuru. A lot of Kenyans sat and watched. Even Duritu and Mbugua gave it a try. At the lodge I was able to use my first ‘real’ bathroom in three weeks. A real white toilet to sit on and toilet paper to use instead of leaves or grass.

A vervet monkey in the trees

On the drive to the next camp, we came across a cobra laying in the road. Mike drove around it but a truck was coming fast. The snake quickly moved to directly behind us and reared up with it’s hood flared looking towards the passing truck. It then slithered off into the grass.