July 8, 1987

7/8/87 Masai Mara

Crocodile Camp

This place is amazing! A baboon tried to join us for breakfast and an elephant walked right in front of me, about a hundred yards, while I was taking a crap.

Our fresh produce tempted a few fearless males from a passing baboon troop

This baboon got too close to our campsite and is barking back a reply to our driver who is reloading his slingshot with another ball bearing

As with the other game drives, we were up and moving before sunrise. We were able to follow a herd of elephants for a long stretch, getting real close a couple of times. After breakfast, we had a few more classes. Maria gave one on the Rift Valley. Steve gave his on the predator-prey relationships and Duritu gave us a history of the political history of Kenya including a little information on the current political situation.

An impala male with his female herd

Today’s game drive was the best ever, just incredible! We came upon two female lions about a half a kilometer from camp. One sat high on a termite mound looking out over the savanna. We just sat there a watched for a while.

A few Thompson’s gazelle were grazing upwind. One lion started to move out toward them. When she appeared in position, the other started to move in a wide circle around the gazelle. The gazelle suddenly saw the one circling and took off. The two lions were definitely working together it seemed to drive the gazelle into the jaws of the lion that waited upwind. But the circling lion hadn’t moved around far enough and the gazelle took off to the left of the waiting lion. We must have watched them hunt for an hour.

We then headed out to a more remote area away from our camp. Our driver had seen the rangers truck heading out for their daily check of the few rhinos in the reserve. There we were able to see a lone female white rhino.

A rare white rhino (kifaru)