July 6, 1987

7/6/87 Lake Nakuru

staying near Lake Nakuru

This morning we set out to watch the sunrise from a cliff overlooking the lake. Then came our morning game run. We saw warthog, fish eagle, Rothchild giraffe, Thompson’s gazelle, impala and many more birds.

Lake Nakuru is a shallow salt lake with an alot of brine shrimp.
Flamingos could be seen to almost ring the entire lake.
That's Becky trying to get a good photo.

Camp life for me isn’t that great because I’ve been sick the last two days. It’s probably a combination of a change of diet, riding in the back of a bouncing truck and just dumb luck. After going to the market in Nakuru, we went to a Kenyan restaurant inside the Thiriku Hotel. We ate ngombe and chapati for about 16 shillings per person, plus a coke. Then we ordered the ndizi special, which we thought was a dessert. Wrong! It was a banana, potato and meat stew.

During the game drives I’ve felt a little down. Partly because I’m not feeling well, but mostly because everything goes by so fast. We drive around in safari vans, stopping just long enough to photograph the animal and quickly move on. I’d just love to stop and watch for a while, maybe draw a picture or two. Maybe I’ll just have to wait until we’re on foot again.

The easy camp life inside the Lake Nakuru Game Reserve
while on on photo safari.

This afternoon after a kiswahili lesson given by Duritu, we headed out to the Lake Nakuru Safari Club hostel. There, we were given a slide show and discussed what was being done to make the park an educational tool in the schools, especially in Nakuru. The hostel was an old colonial farm house with a lot of character. Then it was off for another game drive.

We saw a bunch of different types of eagles and one eland. The eland is very smart but very shy. I could barely see him off in the distance with my binoculars. I think everyone is ready to move on to other things. But we are adjusting to the comforts of truck camping with it’s fresh food, lanterns, an occasional beer after dinner and some even are trying a little snuff.

Sunset over Lake Nakuru.