July 5, 1987

7/5/87 Lake Nakuru

The high point of the 4th of July, besides group B coming back from the mountain, was the hamburgers and fireworks. Bena’s children were there and had a lot of fun with the sparklers. I think we all enjoyed the fireworks.

After getting gas here in Kiganjo, we headed west
across Aberdare National Park to Nakuru.

We loaded up the vehicles this morning and headed for Nakuru, Kenya’s fourth largest city. We were given money to buy enough food for the next eight days. The market wasn’t very big but it didn’t lack any exotic flavor. We tried out our kiswahili, haggling over prices and generally stuck out like a sore thumb. Our shopping list included onions, cabbage, mangoes, pineapple, potatoes, bananas, carrots, beans, peas and okra.

Even in small towns with dirt streets,
stores put up Coca-Cola signs just for free paint.

Lake Nakuru and our campsite were only ten minutes out of the city. We certainly didn’t have to wait long for our first exposure to wildlife. Baboons came strolling through our campsite shortly after setting up our tents. This evening we set out for our first game drive in which we saw monkeys, water buffalo, water buck, and flamingos.