July 28, 1987

7/28/87 Lamu

at the Castle Inn

This section is very different from the others at NOLS Kenya. We were given money for hotel and meals at restaurants. I was in the Castle Inn. My room was on the roof with a huge covered patio. The hotel was next door to the old fort. There was always a lot of activity there during the day. The fort is being renovated to house the Lamu Museum and provide educational resources to the local community. Lamu is also building a new hospital.

Lamu is built around the old fort.

I bought a few kongas for my mom and sister-in-law Barb, some leather sandals for me and a gold earring. Besides great hotels, the food is incredible. Last night we ate at the Equator, run by an old salty Englishman. It was very elegant by Lamu standards. Some of the group had huge crab while I had the best peppered steak I’ve ever eaten.