July 25, 1987

7/25/87 Mombasa

on the "night train" to Mombasa

Well I lost another 280 shillings at the blackjack table at the casino. After that, we were off to dancing and "pombe baridi sana!" (very cold beer!). We were an out of control group on the dance floor. Arriving so late, they had to unlock the gate to let us in. The only trouble for me was starting to get sick again. I woke up early this morning with diarrhea so bad and no toilet paper to be found. The night watchman gave me a page of his newspaper.

We had the whole day to ourselves before we left on the night train. Besides last minute shopping, we went to the cinema where a James Bond film was playing. It was really scratched and at one point, got stuck and went up in flames. It was spliced every few minutes during the action. At intermission, we decided to catch a cab for the train station.

We loaded up in the very first train car behind the engine. It was great. The car was very old, the only one on the train, with really old woodwork. I really enjoyed it even though I was sick. While most of my cabin drank and played cards, I slept. Hopefully when we return on the train, I can do some exploring.

The 'Night Train' ready to leave Nairobi