July 23, 1987

7/23/87 Nguruman Escarpment

end of the Nguruman Section

The Nguruman section is over. We all strolled into camp singing our group song. Last night, my sleep was pretty restless. That was the consensus of the whole group. We broke camp early and were on our way by 7am. We were greeted by cinnamon rolls as we walked into camp, but the first thing on my mind was pasta. Some of the people who fasted even had trouble keeping down their dinner.

A 'lean' hiking machine.

I bathed, put on a fresh pair of clothes, washed all my others and generally hung out. All week I’ve been wondering if my sister-in-law Barb had her baby. I keep hoping there’s a telegram or letter waiting for me in Nairobi with the news.

The fast wasn’t that bad. We did have fruit crystals which did have sugar. Lisa said it probably helped but it couldn’t supply all of our calorie needs. I was hungry but not like I’d expect after three days. I have lost a lot of weight though. I made my watch smaller on my wrist, and I’ve dropped down two notches on my belt. I tried to measure my waist, somewhere around 26", a drastic reduction from 31".

As far as the next section, I’m both excited and scared. This was the main reason I came to Kenya. I want so bad to learn more about the Arab or Muslim culture. I’m scared because I have such high hopes for the next couple of weeks. From now on we’re a group of tourists. I would love to travel a little bit on my own. I know I won’t fit in with the group as a whole. Individually, most of them are great people. But in a large group, the return to a group mentality. Just a bunch of college kids who don’t want to do anything but party.