July 21, 1987

7/21/87 Nguruman Escarpment

second camp on the Ewaso Nigro River

Today’s hike was pretty uneventful except for the beginning. We had to climb up and over two ridges. It was a pretty steep incline with a lot of thorns. Several people got puncture wounds from a large plant that looked like a mother-in-law tongue. They were about two inches in diameter and a very sharp point. Once we reached the top, we had plenty of good trails the whole way.

My fast is so-so. I’ve broken down and added fruit crystals to some of my water, chewing gum and even having hard candy and cocoa. I was a little upset today because as a hiking group, we were very lethargic. We’d hike for an hour, and then rest for an hour. One group decided to go ahead. They arrived at camp over an hour before us. I just wanted to get to camp. I’d much rather rest with my boots off, maybe on my sleeping bag, writing in my journal or studying kiswahili.

We had planned on camping at a spring about a half a kilometer from here but some local Maasai said a lion had been attacking cattle and they thought it had moved up around the spring.

Fording the stream was a little difficult. Instead of like yesterday, we all took off our boots. Almost in the middle I thought I was going in. Today it was about two feet deep while yesterday it probably was closer to twelve inches. Well only 36 hours and we’re as good as on the coast.