July 19, 1987

7/19/87 Nguruman Escarpment

resupply camp near Lenkototo River

Today we slept in late. We didn’t leave camp at least until noon. All morning we just sat around while Mike made a coffee cake. A local Maasai came to visit and this time he brought his spear. It was exactly like Robert’s but smaller. He wanted us to try and throw it. Dave, Mike and I gave both spears a try. Because Robert is used to throwing his heavy spear, he smiled when he threw the lighter one. My first throw was by far the best of any of the wazungu.

That's me, Dave, Maria and Aimee with Maasai Robert.

Our hike today probably only lasted an hour and a half. We made camp at our food drop point. I was surprised to see Steve’s (Mrefu) group walking down the road. I thought we were way ahead of the other groups. I later found out that all the groups had arrived and were camping near by. Before dinner, we used our walking sticks and a tennis ball to play a little game of golf. A few young Maasai boys stopped to watch. I think they were amused.

As I write, I am at the beginning of a four day fast. The school used to incorporate it in their programs to give it’s students the experience of hiking longer distances and time with no food. A scenario might be what would happen in an evacuation out of a remote area and food supplies ran out. Steve doesn’t even recommend it, but he says he can’t stop us from trying it. Looks like everyone except two people are going to try the fast. We will take soup and fruit crystals for those who will be on a liquid fast. Plus, we’re taking an emergency ration of food in case anyone gets sick or can’t continue the fast. I’m sort of looking forward to the challenge. I know I can do it, just for the satisfaction of stretching my limits. Maybe I can transfer some physical self-control to more mental and emotional aspects when dealing with other people.