July 16, 1987

7/16/87 Nguruman Escarpment

campsite on Entosapia River

We did finally get out of the forest today. A few nettles but not as bad as the previous day. The walking was just as bad. We had better trails but more rocky terrain and a lot of it downhill. But you could see that the valley opened up onto a flat plain when looking through the trees. We were a bunch of happy campers when we stumbled out onto the grass. Just kilometers of knee-high grass dotted with acacia trees.

In the forest our biggest fear was buffalo. Now, here in the grass it was the cobra and black mamba, two very deadly snakes. The only wildlife we saw was a harem of impala that trotted off behind us. Our campsite couldn’t have been better. The river was large enough that we could have a bath, which we all needed badly. We had plenty of firewood and a clearing for the tents. Yesterday we had been short of our destination by a kilometer or two. Our route wasn’t really supposed to be down a cliff but down a gradual descent farther west. We were happy because today we camped just about where we had planned.