July 14, 1987

7/14/87 Nguruman Escarpment

campsite near Oloilokitok River

This morning we started on our hike through the Loita Hills, Maasai country. The course divided into four smaller groups, all hiking separate ways. My group is Dave, our leader, Amy, and Maria. Our instructor for the first six days will be Mike and Robert is also coming along. We moved very fast covering eleven kilometers in about three hours. With Robert as a sort of guide, we traveled on trails used by the Maasai.

The compound of a labonne, one of the tribal chiefs,
who has 29 wives and at last count, 110 children.

Camp was in a clearing just outside the forest. Our water supply was little more than a trickle. We dug out a few of the rocks so it would be easier to get water. We found ourselves sitting in camp with all this free time. Robert took us all into the woods to cut walking sticks. He told us to char the outside in the fire. Robert took one of the sticks, bent it to crack the bark. It all came off so easy, just peeling off. After that he made Dave and Mike a throwing stick. They’re really psyched about getting a guinea fowl. During dinner, we could see a large group of buffalo from our campsite.