July 10, 1987

7/10/87 Masai Mara

campsite near Keekorrok

Today was the last of the game drives, but it was by far the best. Almost immediately this morning we came upon a small group of lions, two males and one female, stalking cape buffalo. Later we drove up on a whole pride of lions. It was hard to count them all, several females and a lot of cubs. The closer our driver tried to get, the deeper in the grass the cubs would go.

Giraffe (twiga)

After a week of game drives, many animals seem as common place as cattle on the range. In a single day you see thousands of zebra and wildebeest, hopi, gazelle and water buffalo. On the evening drive we saw two hyenas trying to get at an injured wildebeest in a group of about a dozen huddled together. Tomorrow we leave the research station near Keekorrok and head east for the Nguruman.

Zebra as far as the eye can see