June 6, 1987

6/6/87 London UK

I arrived bright and early in London this morning after a night flight from New York. Walking out into cool and damp England, is quite a change from hot and muggy New York. During the flight I sat next to a Frenchman from Nice returning home after business in the US and we had a good time. I told him about my trip to Kenya and he told me about his upcoming holiday in Corsica. He also highly recommended a visit to Paris. We had a lot of fun joking about the food on the flight. And being French, he had a lot to say about it. Waiting to board in New York, I was awed by the size of the plane. A man could easily walk into the engines. And inside it was ten seats across, twice as wide as any plane I had ever been on before. Since my bags were checked on through to Nairobi, I was out of the plane and through customs in less than ten minutes.

Since I only slept about thirty minutes last night on the plane, I was glad to take a nap at my Uncle Chuck’s. He works at the US Embassy in London. Later I had a good old American meal, barbecued chicken, with his family. I saw a little of London. It would take me a while to have the courage (or insanity) to ride a bike here. It seems very much like a demolition derby, right of way going to who ever had the nerve. The streets barely had enough room for one car, let along cars going in both directions. But my uncle didn’t seem a bit concerned. Now that I’m waiting for the plane taking me to Nairobi, I’m getting a little nervous.