June 5, 1987

6/5/87 New York USA

Mom drove me to the Kansas City airport this morning. She wanted to sit with me while I waited but I asked her not to. It seemed like a waste of time. So, reluctantly she dropped me off at the curb. We said our good byes and I gave her a hug.

While sitting in New York's Kennedy Airport, my hometown ‘international’ airport reminds me more of a country town bus station, small, quiet, and laid back. My vision of New York City has an obsession with BIG, and so does it’s airport. To kill some time I tried to walk to all the airport terminals. After an hour I'd only covered half the way around, so I had to cut across back to British Airways so I wouldn’t be late for my flight. I had switched planes in Pittsburgh, which might not be as big as Kennedy but it sure didn't lack for people. Walking through the Pittsburgh terminal, it was so crowded I thought I had already arrived on a downtown New York sidewalk.

My luggage made it and now is booked all the way through to Nairobi. I just hope it gets there. Nothing feels right though! I'm a little nervous about flying. But for someone who has only flown a half a dozen times in a lifetime, I guess it was no more than usual. And unlike my tearful departure moving to Utah several years back, I'm quite unemotional. Shouldn't I be nervous, excited or even scared? I'm traveling halfway around the world to a place most people only see on a National Geographic special.