June 30, 1987

6/30/87 Mt Kenya

camp between Nanyuki and Burguret Rivers

Last night the hyraxes came to check us out during dinner. I guess because we were only five of us instead of twenty, they could chance it. One fellow came to within five feet. That night, the wind was gusting very badly. I just hoped it wouldn’t do any more damage to the tent. It didn’t stop even for morning.

Dave and Mbugua head off
across the rocky, wind-swept landscape.

Mbugua cooked uzi for breakfast. We were ready to leave camp by 8am. After an hour of hiking, the terrain was fogged in. This made it very hard to find out where we were on the map. We had taken a break when the fog lifted only for a few minutes, just enough to see "Highland Castle", our chief landmark for the day. It told us we were on course.

One final look at Mount Kenya.

The weather began to get worse. We put on rainsuits and continued on. By 2pm we decided just to look for a campsite. We found a rock outcropping that gave great shelter for our kitchen. The only problem was water. On the south there was a river two valley’s over and to the north, but the river was bordered by steep cliffs. Because of the rain, we found a little drainage and began to fill our water jugs. It was so slow, it must have taken us almost thirty minutes. I have to admit it was the first time I thanked a stream for water.

After dinner, we fired up a good campfire. We all sat around warming our toes and drying out our shoes. Tomorrow we hope to make it to the road. We might even have visitors tonight. On the trail and going to get water, we found a lot of elephant tracks and scat. Other animal evidence said there were water buffalo in the area, and there was the ever present sounds of the hyrax.

We found a Mau Mau spear head, a rare find. We were fogged in most of the day until late afternoon when it rained until early evening. Then the sun broke through and we just sat there soaking it in.