June 29, 1987

6/29/87 Mt Kenya

staying near Nanyuki Tarn

Last night we had "Mountain Jeopardy" down at Two Tarn Hut. Final score: us 370 & them 40. We elected walk-out leaders and groups where picked. This morning was busy with dividing group gear and food for the walk-out. My group is Becky, our groups walk-out leader, Dave, Katy, and Mbugua. We leave tomorrow morning but the other groups and our instructors are leaving this afternoon.

Today was our fist real bad day of weather. About noon, it started to hail and the wind was gusty. The other groups were not at all happy about the weather because it was sure to be raining at the lower elevations. We did celebrate Mike’s birthday, just like Lisa’s, but with a lot more icing on the cake. It was dripping off his eye lids. The other groups left about 2pm and our instructors headed off to their pickup point an hour later. That left our lone tent at Nanyuki Tarn.

We’ve had a relaxing evening. Dinner was pasta and chapati and we spent the evening a good game of hearts. Tomorrow we get up early and head for the edge of the bamboo forest.