June 28, 1987

6/28/87 Mt Kenya

staying near Nanyuki Tarn

This morning we got our final food drop for the mountain section. Soon we will divide into three groups and prepare for our walk out. The instructors will stay with us one more day and then we’ll be on our own for three and half days. Yesterday on the trail we ran across two guys from Holland. Then last night three Britians, and older gentleman, a younger guy and girl. They had spent the last twelve days climbing everything they could find on Mount Kenya, including Batian and Nelion.

This was one of the last days of climbing in Kenya.

My hands are in sad shape. The dry, cold weather has put many bleeding cracks on my hands. I ended up trading some sweets for someone’s vaseline to coat my skin. We had a chance to do some more top rope climbing. It was very cold and I didn’t think my fingers could do the work. So a few of us declined but decided to go on a day hike to visit another one of the glaciers. The hike went fine until we came to a fissure in the mountain that we could cross. To bad because we were almost to Tyndell Glacier. We sat on the edge looking out on the mountain, with a 300’ drop at our feet.

Because I couldn't go climbing, I went exploring instead
and found Tyndell Glacier.

When I got back to camp, there was a lot of grumbling. Some of the climbs they tried, only one person was able to complete. The rock was cold and there was some ice therefore there were an awful lot of falls. I was glad I didn’t try any climbing today.