June 24, 1987

6/24/87 Mt Kenya

staying near Hanging Tarn

This morning, two groups left for Point Lanana. The first group left about 3am so they could reach the top for sunrise. My group left camp about 7am, much more rested for the days climb. We’d only gotten up about 500’ when one of the girls started to exhibit hypothermia symptoms. So we came back down. Lisa decided to her back to camp but Mike could take the rest of the group back up. It was a very long climb, about 2000’. Amy was having great difficulty keeping up with the group. About 500’ from the top, we saw the morning group and Aimee decided to go back down with them.

The view from Point Lanana was INCREDIBLE!
We just sat there in the cool air, warming up in the sun.

We reached Point Lanana. It had a metal cross embedded in one of the boulders. The weather couldn’t have been better. We all took pictures and a few of us decided to play the "highest pinochle game in Kenya" (probably the highest in all of Africa). We stayed about an hour.

The gang just taking it all in.
You can see the complete size range of our group
with Liz standing next to Harvard.

Coming back we came down on the opposite side, between Lanana and Nelion, along the side of one of the glaciers. Mbugua had never seen snow before. Boy, was he surprised that the snowball that hit him could be so hard when snow was so light. The climb beside the glacier was a little tense because one slip and it was a long way down the ice. We checked out the hut located there and proceeded to go back to camp.

Hiking down along the edge of Lewis Glacier.
One wrong step and it would be a long slide down the glacier
only to drown in the tarn at the bottom.

I was physically drained by the time we got to camp about 3pm. The early group told us that stayed a minute to watch the sunrise and then immediately started back down because it was so cold on the peak. We later had a short kiswahili lesson and called it a day.