June 23, 1987

6/23/07 Mt Kenya

staying near Hanging Tarn

This morning during kiswahili class, which Lisa was giving instead of Kagambi, Mike strolled into camp. Lisa didn’t expect him till tomorrow so she was very happy to see him join us early. He sat down and told the group what had happened since we last saw him and Maria.

Mike and Maria had stayed at the lodge that night we evacuated. The got a ride into Chagoria where they took a matatu to Nairobi. He said the matatu broke down with a cracked wheel rim. But the driver ran off somewhere and very shortly had it fixed. They only had about 20 shillings left. Mike called Tara, someone in Nairobi with an association with NOLS. She took both of them out to dinner. The next day, they saw a female British doctor. Her recommendation was for Maria not to go back onto the mountain. So Maria will spend the rest of the mountain section in Naru Moru but will meet us there for the remainder of our time in Kenya.

After Kagambi gave us a lesson on the climbing history of Mount Kenya, we headed back up to our climbing spot for some top roping. The climbs were about 50’, some fairly difficult, at least for me. But everyone in the group successfully climbed to the top. For dinner, we had a "welcome back Mike" slash "pre-Lanana" banquet.

We spent a day repelling.