June 20, 1987

6/20/87 Mt Kenya

Lake Michaelson

While the litter crew was escorting Maria down the mountain, the other group left Gorges Valley heading for Vivienne Falls. They would set up camp at Lake Michaelson. This morning we hiked to catch up to them, the other group would head to Hanging Tarn to get our next food drop.

Essentially doubling our hiking to catch the others.

We’ve had such good weather. Except for the campsites at the lower elevations which had lots of mist and fog, we’ve had tons sunshine. The litter crew hiked about ten kilometers following the ridgeline above Gorges Valley and had an elevation change of 3000 feet. It seemed as if we just kept going up and up. But once we neared the lake, we finally started to come down. As soon as we were in shouting distance, Lisa was told that Amy was having a lot of altitude problems like white outs and fainting. After telling us to find a safer route down, Lisa headed down quickly. We ended up climbing back up another 300 feet and then followed the cliff wall down to camp.

We finally see Lake Michaelson.

We were so exhausted. Every single camp task was grueling. The whole camp made spaghetti. The higher we go, it gets warm but very windy during the day, and extremely cold once the sun sets. For a special treat, the camp received chocolate bars. Heaven in every bite. Because my tent group included Maria, it was decided that Margaret would be with us until we switched groups again.