June 17, 1987

6/17/87 Mt Kenya

staying in Gorges Valley

Nothing much happened yesterday until after dinner. A lot of us had headaches. Maria had one too, so she went to get some aspirin. She took two Tylonal but began to think she shouldn’t have. She told us she had taken tylonal once before and fainted. After telling us this, she almost immediately began to get very cold. She put on more clothes and started to walk around camp to get warmer. She told me she felt very sick. I sent someone for Mike and Lisa while I had to help her walk. Suddenly she fainted.

We tried to get her up and into the tent but she passed out again. By this time she started to vomit. After yelling for more help, Mike and Lisa got there almost immediately from the far side of camp. We lifted her into the tent and began to cover her with more sleeping bags. Her teeth were chattering badly but she felt warm. Because she didn’t have any consistent symptoms of malaria, altitude sickness or allergic reaction to the Tylenol, it was decided to watch her and ride it out.

I stayed with her and kept talking to her while Mike and Lisa planned there next course of action. We kept taking her vital signs and discussing our options. I just wanted her to stay conscious. When I ran out of things to talk about, I just started to make things up. At one point when Mike was taking her temperature (don’t ask), I might have mentioned the crush she had on our instructor. She blushed and laughed at the same time, a good sign. While we waited, we discussed the possibility of how to evacuate Maria and what each person’s role should be. Occasionally, they would ask my opinion, but while listening to Mike and Lisa, I became very confident in their professional skills.

About midnight, Maria was sound asleep and I decided to get some sleep myself. This morning she was feeling tired and weak, but a lot better. While it was decided to take a day off from hiking to let Maria recover, along with allowing Liz and Amy get used to the altitude, Mbugua and I decided to scout ahead toward Vivienne Falls.