June 15, 1987

6/15/87 Mt Kenya

staying near "The Gates"

Today I awoke at sunrise. The valley below was covered by a blanket of clouds. It was very cold but sitting in the sun was wonderful. I got real cocky and decided to make coffee cake, not a simple task. We just finished baking it just as kiswahili class started. We let it cool and then let everyone sample it. Just wonderful, especially considering I cooked it on a kerosene stove in the middle of nowhere.

Marshal was able to catch a fishy snack

After class, we split up into three groups for a day hike. My group set out to walk along the ridge north of Gorges Valley. We moved up to between 11,500 and 12,000 feet and explored a large cave. But as we hiked, the fog was close behind. Two hawks floated in and out of the thick mist. As we climbed, we worked on reading a map and scout out our treks for tomorrow. The cave was off to the north of the ridge.

As soon as everyone got back to camp, we had a few first aid lessons on stopped breathing and hypothermia. After dinner of spinach pasta, we tried to get ready for tomorrow’s hike. Lisa hopes we’ll go about six kilometer.